Innovation et eco-responsibility.

Marine International Dragage offers expert and innovative solutions for a variety of marine services, while minimising environmental impact and improving the quality of waterways.


MID undertakes numerous dredging projects for municipalities, mining and paper industries, port authorities, and various levels of government.

  • Ports
  • Rivers
  • Marinas
  • Dams
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Marine Services

Through innovation, vision and determination, MID specialises in problem-solving for projects that involve particular demands and constraints.

  • Drainage installation
  • Riprap installation for docks
  • Stabilizing banks
  • Decontamination
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Situated on the banks of the Richelieu River, MID is in an ideal location to meet clients’ naval repair needs.

  • Ship repair
  • Barge repair
  • Equipment upgrade
  • Transportation systems
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Port Services

MID is in the process of developing a project designed for port services. Further details and information will soon be available.

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Technological innovationTechnological innovation

Compliance with the strictest environmental standardsCompliance with the strictest environmental standards

Protection of banks and aquatic environmentsProtection of banks and aquatic environments

Featured projects

Marine International Dragage is especially proud to present the following projects: these were undertaken according to the highest professional standards while contributing to the noble goal of improving our waterways.
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Satisfied Clients

``...They were innovative, smart, hard working and completed the work within the deadline imposed by Fisheries and Oceans Canada...We were very satisfied with their work and heartily recommend them for any work of a similar nature.``- Dillon Consulting Limited
``...Despite all the constraints, your organisation have shown diligence and competency, and feel that all other stakeholders (observer, Ministry of Environment, engineering firm, etc) noticed your professionalism throughout the project...``- Richarson International (Québec) Ltd.
``...nous avons noté le professionnalisme de votre compagnie tout au long du projet. Nous avons également apprécié la méthode que vous avez choisie pour son efficacité et sa rapidité d’exécution des travaux et son impact minime sur le cours d’eau. Vous avez, de loin, excédé nos attentes et nous recommanderions votre entreprise sans aucun doute.``- Ville de Joliette