Marine Services

Marine Services

MID specializes in problem-solving for projects with particular challenges, requiring a high degree of innovation, vision, and determination. Our services were mandated for a project run by UNESCO, to restore the natural habitat at the site of a former cement plant tainted with lead contamination. MID was also part of a pilot project to stop the growth of blue-green algae without compromising water quality and the aquatic environment.

Drainage Installation

Pipe is laid along the bottom of a waterway in order to channel drinking water to the municipal plant.

Riprap construction

Riprap serves as a breakwater at the marina site, creating a protected zone for boats to dock safely.

Stabilisation of banks

Banks and shorelines are replenished with eroded sediment in order to minimize the effects of climate change.


A water-treatment process that is applied in a variety of ways, removing pollutants and restoring water quality to the aquatic environment, for the benefit of wildlife and humans alike.

Marine Services Projects